Embroidered Hoodliners


  • Item #: C7,C6,C5 HDLNR
  • Manufacturer: GM/BBV Customs
  • Condition: New


We are proud to offer custom embroidered Corvette hoodliners.

Official Licensed GM Product.

If you would like any other color combination or to add personalization send us a message.

The complete assembled UHI comes with a brand new C5, C6 or C7 OEM insulator wrapped with a high temperature, high quality embroidered fabric and a new set of mounting clips

The insulator wrapping material offers factory thermal protection and is non-flammable and heat resistant to well over 300 degrees. The material we use is heat resistant and non-flammable (BUT IT WILL MELT IF IT COMES INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH HOTMETAL, such as a HEADER pipe or intake manifold. This material is resistant to all automotive fluids and can be easily cleaned with standard degreasers and water.

Delivered Complete and Ready to Install

Manufactured in the USA

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any heat/light damage resulting from the installation of this product on a car with chrome or high polished aluminum engine parts.


Features include:

• Lightweight, waterproof and flame retardant insulator board material (where applicable).

• OEM approved material that is resistant to most chemicals and all automotive fluids. The material has high non-flammability and heat resistant features with a temperature rating of well over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Precision cut to exactly duplicate the factory insulator pattern including all pre-drilled mounting holes, cutouts (for ram air equipment, vents, and lights), and notches to ensure a PERFECT fit.

• Special extreme heat resistant glue is used to ensure adhesion of embroidered material to the insulation board and remain unaffected from exposure to engine heat.

• New high performance superior quality fastening (mounting) tabs are included to ensure that the hood insulator is securely fastened and stays in place.

• LARGE, exceptional quality embroidery utilizing imported German threads for maximum durability, color, and heat resistance to over 300 degrees.

• Embroidery matches all of our other embroidered products for a seamless, integrated appearance. No mismatched embroidery or logos.

• Logos may be custom ordered in any color combination.


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